Then, I'll be going now.

(I'll come back when it's all over.)

the silly little things. [video]
|| brightly blossom ||
Happy birthday to you... [ It's Aerith singing, but the journal is actually pointed at a gray wolf, winged on one side. He doesn't look all that excited by the song, but he does pay attention and gives his head a little toss as though to acknowledge her. There's scampering heard as a black dog runs into the room and Aerith turns the journal his way, still singing. ]

Happy birthday tooo yooouuu... [ At Aerith's playful lilt, Baldr immediately perks up, tail wagging. He barks something; it doesn't translate over the journals, but Aerith gives him a quick "that's right! Happy!" when she finishes the line.

And switches over to the tortoise, looking like a rock with all the cold weather. Just look at that snow piled outside the window. ]
Happy birthday dear Za~ack,

Happy--oh, Hope!

[ The journal flips over from the tortoise to Hope, Aerith gesturing at him to come over. The teenager looks at Aerith with a startled expression. "What are you doing?"

"Singing Zack a happy birthday! Come on, I need a tenor!"

...That's when he notices the journal and BACKS UP, eyes wide. "I'm not singing!"

"Hoooope--" ...Nope, he's gone. Aerith sighs and then turns the journal on herself, returning to a big smile. ]

Happy birthday to you! From all of us. Even if Hope's a little embarrassed. Stay safe. You too, Light, Raine, Buffy--everyone. I hope everyone comes back okay.

Voice & Action
turned away
[ There's a fib of a Feather under the shade of the barracks after noon; she's got the sundress on, but Aerith is undoubtedly not new. She knows where she is, and after she gets past the jolt of terror that strikes when that last painful blow is remembered, she knows why she is there. She's plenty upset, and she's also angry and tense as she returns to house #41, keeping near the side of the street and under the cover of buildings for the brisk walk. She'll stop if a friend calls to her, but otherwise make a quick excuse and keep going; she really, really wants to go back to what's become her home here.

After stopping in at the house and checking in with her housemates--and letting herself have a good cry to help get it out--she goes and makes a journal post from her bedroom.

She takes a big, deep breath, first. ]

I'm back... this is Aerith. I hope no one [ else ] was worried, but it's... better now. I'm back. I'm not hurt.

...Is it...normal to see nothing when you die? Like you just stop... I'm sorry, ignore that. What a stupid thing to talk about!

[ ...It doesn't help to keep thinking about it right now. As she handles any responses that come, Aerith goes and does something extremely mundane and calming for her. She checks on all the flowers, at home, at the flower shop, and at the memorial garden, with the wolf Daisy close by her side. He's being more protective than usual right now. ]

[voice] // [action]
[event] chocobo (D:)
[One of the settings randomly appearing in Luceti's outskirts is a marsh. Lovely swamp and a mucky mix of long grass and water that's probably soaking through whatever footwear you were wearing. There's a very ungainly-seeming chocobo, about 5'10", that is hopping from one claw to the other on a higher and drier piece of land. It seems skittish, highly agitated, and likely to peck or claw if provoked.

It's also talking with Aerith's voice.]
Oh, no...which way do I go? Did I get sent back, what's going on? This can't be right, this can't be...

[Being shifted into a setting from home just after being experimented on is disorienting. But eventually she finds the familiar journal--completely waterlogged now--and flips it open with a claw before poking her beaky face into it.]

[Journal entry--voice]

Hey, everyone? The village didn't get relocated, did it? I mean, this place looks familiar, but... as much as I want to go home, I didn't think it would be like this. Or here.

[Her eyes glance both ways as she murmurs:] ...I hope it's not here...

--Zack! Zack, are you still here?

You choose whether the giant snake that can chew people up is actually there.Collapse )

Backdated to the 13th.
[ooc: going on hiatus for the next week, so Aerith's getting kidnapped! ...A bit in the past since there's other things she should've tagged too. I'm still continuing current threads.]

[The post starts innocently enough, Aerith humming with the sound of a bag swinging from side to side. But.] ...Oh, you're kidding me!

My turn? Somehow I thought today wasn't a good day for groceries... You'll at least let me get them home, right? No? Too bad!

[And she takes off running--but it's only a few seconds before the journal catches the fainter sound of her crying out when she's seized. Between the library and the headquarters for the SOS Brigade is a bag with milk and eggs, spilled and cracked.]

It is still the 17th in part of this continent.
and everything's alright
action or just general invasiveness for house 41Collapse )

[Public video]

Is anyone here good at creating necklaces? I'd like something that could hold a materia. About this big. [She gestures with her hand.] I'd really appreciate it!

[As for action-y goodness? She will be pressing flowers on people in town today. No, really. She INSISTS you have brightness in your life.]

>] // drank a hyper
[It's morning... Aerith might blink a bit more than usual and seem a bit confused at times, thinking of the dream she just had, but otherwise she looks awake. Probably, in fact, looks more awake than she ought to be and is trying to overcompensate for sleepiness. Her hair is, for a change, held back by a simple blue elastic band.

There's a reason for that.]
Good morning, Luceti! How'd we all sleep? I'm sure it'll get better soon, Shifts only last so long.

Anyway, I have a Lost and Found request. It's not the most important, but if anyone sees a pink ribbon and a green marble lying around, they're mine. I'd really like to have them back. They're... good-luck charms. [Well, that was the best explanation she had for being so attached to a marble she'd had since childhood.] For a reward, let's say a free order of flowers. I'll cover the expense.

...Right. That about covers it! Thanks for listening.

[Anyone can find them, or things like them--her description wasn't that detailed, after all. She'll be out looking for them in the grass at the northern edge of the village before her shift at the flower shop, carrying her staff just in case and looking very bothered. She'd been sad about the loss the night before, but it hadn't seemed as important in the face of avoiding prowling beasties. But then she'd slept and dreamed of losing those things again, with a sense that they were a lot more significant than she remembered... and she'd lost one other thing, too.

Maybe if she had them back, she'd feel safer.]

on Thursday afternoon
and everything's alright
[Filtered from Hope, written]

I heard it takes a week for people to be revived. Is that just "about"? Sometimes it can be longer? [The top quickly scribbled out to leave only a period.] Li She's la

[There's a sudden break into voice when Aerith mutters:] I feel sick. [She still has to check on Hope... she doesn't know what to say with Lightning not returning--yet. Because she is returning. ]

If anyone sees Lightning, tell her she's in trouble... [Not like it'll make her come faster.] ... for worrying people.

[Action (if people want?) open to Zack, Hope, people passing through the first two floors of C4, as she'll be passing through them herself later. Allie, if you want to do a backdated thread instead to play out her breaking the news, that's cool too? Up for anything, even if Aerith isn't quite. She's looking drawn and paler, despite the sun being out more.]

[ooc: Lightning will be back soon! Part of why this is dated to Thursday. I have to work, so responses will come in about six hours.]

(no subject)
and everything's alright
[Video - Locked to Cloud - Normal filter - 50%]

[This starts in the hallway, with Aerith moving from her and Zack's apartment to Cloud and Tifa's as she records. Of course, since Cloud is gone...the filter is bad. (Lifting a note from Noel's example!) Bold is unfiltered/public. Italic is easily hackable, as even normally, the filter is only 50% unhackable. Without hacking, the visual wavers in and out with the audio.]

Oh, Clouuuud~ I bet you don't know what today is. Any guesses?

[She pauses for a moment or two, to give him time for a response, but when nothing comes she moues.]

Are you busy again? I haven't seen you at all the past few days! But today, we're going to spend some time together, because--

It's~ my~ birthday~ and it's a surprise party! The surprise is I didn't warn you earlier. Honestly, I hadn't decided about celebrating it yet. Since things are strange here--with time-- But I think it is something to celebrate! Because I've learned a lot since my last birthday, so I really am another year older and wiser. Aren't I so mature now? You should be impressed. [She winks at the journal.] Sooo mature, in fact, that I'm about to go in your room [she announces, as she creaks open the door] and the only way you're getting me out is--

... Huh? --Oh, I must have mixed up rooms. You didn't see anything! [She moves further down the hallway, opening another door.] Right, this is Tifa's room, so it's...door #3!

[But when the third door is opened, the mischief and anticipation leaves Aerith's expression, replaced by blank confusion. There's silence for a long stretch before she finally says:] Oh. You... but, you-- [She fumbles with the journal, keeping her face turned away from it as she turns the broadcast off.]

[Voice - Filtered to Tifa - 50%]

Tifa? Are you okay?

[Voice - Filtered to Zack - 50%]

... Cloud's back... home. [There's a long pause, like she'd say something else, but she finally just gives a shaky smile and turns the journal off again.]


[Aerith is going to drown her sorrows in hot chocolate at Good Spirits a little later. No, she won't cry in her cup or anything like that, but her face seems rather blank for someone usually smiling.]

|| brightly blossom ||
[Here is a fully bundled Aerith, blue scarf wrapped loosely around her face as she smiles.]

Speed run! Don't try this at home. I'm a professional.

...Not really. But I've been practicing, and I think I'm getting better!

[This is about all the introduction given before the journal gets set down to show wide open sky, but once Aerith throws herself in its direction and sets things into a blur of motion, it quickly becomes apparent what she's doing: enjoying her toboggan present from Christmas. She seems to be quite childishly pleased with herself on the faster runs, and pouts when one bumpy ride ends only halfway down. Finally:]

All right, now for the obstacle course! [Tucking the journal under-arm, Aerith drags the toboggan ba-a-a-ck up. This time she turns it to a different position a few feet away and a very different angle. She starts out more slowly, letting gravity lead the way, and steers the tobaggan around trees and rocks, her expression turning focused as the wind whips back her hair. And then--] Oh, no, no! Move, rabbit, run! Hey--ah--!!!! [After wildly veering, once she hits a fallen tree, Aerith and journal are airborne. Too bad they have to come back down, but at least it's in a snowdrift, right?]


[...FEEL FREE TO ACTION IT UP / BE SLEDDING WITH HER? She's on the lower part of the mountain slope, closest to the village. Or just shake your head at her from afar, whatever.]

|| search the horizon ||
[It's rather late in the evening to be out in the snow, but so Aerith is. Behind ch. 4, out in the forest, she's cleared the fresh-fallen snow from a small patch of earth and is now kneeling down in it, talking to Faeren.]

Wasn't it strange back then? Everyone changed so suddenly! ...Were you...a little nervous? Hm... But...people seem to be treating the forest and plants all right. Better than they do back home.

...Did I talk to you last time? No, you don't need to tell me. I'm sure I did. You don't have a voice, but still, it's less quiet when I'm talking to you.

[...and so on. In general, Aerith is just naturally chatty with spirits anyway. She'll be doing this spirit-talking for a while into the early night, roaming around the perimeter of the village to see if she can get in touch with Nala... The cold and still-falling snowflakes don't seem to deter her. This is more important.]


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