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Aerith Gainsborough
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Aerith Gainsborough

Series: Final Fantasy VII
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Wing Color: Pale green
Time Period: After dying.
History: CanonLuceti

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Personality: Aerith is a kind and sweet girl, but she’s also a street-smart one. For fifteen years she’s lived in the slums of Midgar and had to cope with people trying to use her towards their own ends, and she can be fierce when the situation calls for it. See: “I’ll rip ‘em off.”

She’s devoted: much of her initial interest in Cloud is because of his resemblance to Zack, who had disappeared five years ago, and she gets so upset that she has to leave when Zack’s parents ask her about the missing man. Now, just because she first noticed Cloud for his similarities to Zack doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about the blond himself; though he’s her “bodyguard”, she is protective of him as well, and wants to get to know him as he really is, aware that he’s putting on a front even to himself. She’s not the type to get jealous; despite Tifa also being interested in Cloud, the two women became good friends.

She’s also got a small knack for mischief, best shown in her enthusiasm for making Cloud crossdress, and a love for the natural beauty of the Planet—her home in sector 5 is surrounded by flowers.

Physical Aspects

Strengths Aerith is no prize-winning fighter, but she knows how to defend herself with a staff as well as give a mean thwack with it, and her abilities as an Ancient allow her to heal wounds—she’s capable of fending for herself if she must.

❝Let's see, Sector 7? I'll show you the way.❞
❝You gotta be kidding.
Why do you want to put yourself in danger again?❞

❝I'm used to it.❞

Weaknesses While Aerith is a fighter, she’s far from the strongest of the group and likely the weakest, though Cait Sith might beat her out for poor attack. Only 5’3” and looking a mere 115-120 pounds, there just isn’t much room for muscle on her body. The scene at the church and afterward in the original game suggests Aerith is also not the most agile, given her fall down the wreckage and her huffing and puffing as she catches up to Cloud.

❝Wait... Wait, I said! Slow... down... Don't leave me...❞
❝Funny...I thought you were cut out to be in SOLDIER?❞
❝Oh! You're terrible!❞

Mental Aspects

Strengths Aerith can be quick-witted, a creative problem-solver who’s not afraid to ask for a little assistance. Life experience has taught her to be calm and patient when necessary—in a situation that can’t be resolved neatly, she’ll aim for the best she can get rather than get frustrated. Also, she seems to have a small talent for sneaking around, surprising people with her appearance--or disappearance, as the case may be.

❝You know, Mister.
He always said that just once, he'd like to dress up like a girl.
So, that's why I wanted a cute dress for him...❞

Weaknesses Once Aerith has figured out a plan of attack, she’s a bit impulsive and if the circumstances seem pressing enough, she may not double-check with others—in situations where double-checking is important.

Socially, despite caring about others, sometimes she doesn’t know how to deal with them. This is probably due to her early childhood being spent in a laboratory, and can be seen in how she handles Barret’s reaction to revisiting Corel: her show of perkiness at the Gold Saucer seems to mock his upset, and she even tells Tifa that it’s better to ignore when he’s like this. She also occasionally blurts out things that are...not so bright, offering a hesitant “I think he’s mad” after Barret storms off, and reminding Cloud of their promise of a date without considering where Tifa might be—as it turns out, right next to Cloud.

❝I knew that Cloud would come for me.❞
❝Hey, I'm your bodyguard, right?❞
❝The deal was for one date, right?❞
❝............oh, I get it.❞
❝...!? Tifa! Tifa, you're there too!❞

Emotional Aspects

Strengths She gets along with many and will forgive and forget a faux pas, but she’s also not a doormat; she’s got a healthy self-esteem and will both stand up for herself and pursue her desires. Her harsh childhood and rocky life have made her tough against stress. She’s an optimist despite everything; though she has moments when circumstances get her down, she’ll eventually buoy back up.

❝You must be tired.❞
❝Just hang in there.
Someday we'll look back at these hard times and laugh.❞

Weaknesses As the last living Cetra, Aerith feels lonely at times because her life and experiences have been vastly different from others. She goes as far as saying at one point that there’s only a handful of people in the world who truly know her—and even she doesn’t completely understand who “Aerith” is. While she thinks well of people in general, she's guarded when it comes to her heritage; even Elmyra and Zack don’t learn about it from her.

❝I learned a lot. The elders taught me many things.
About the Cetra... And the Promised Land...
I'm...alone... I'm all alone now...❞

❝But I'm...we're here for you, right?❞
❝I know. I know, but... I am the only...Cetra.❞